Research into mathematical inquiry

As more postgraduate students and trainee teachers are contacting Inquiry Maths to seek advice about classroom-based research, we have created this page to support the study of mathematical inquiry. The Inquiry Maths model could lead to research questions about:
  • reasoning (exploring, conjecturing, reasoning and proving);
  • establishing a culture of inquiry;
  • the negotiated regulation of inquiry;
  • student questioning and noticing;
  • mathematical discussion;
  • conceptual learning;
  • the development of inquiry pathways; and
  • incidences of student initiative and independence.
A list of readings for students and teachers who are studying inquiry learning in mathematics.
Inquiry Maths reviewed Trainee teachers studying for the Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) at the University of Brighton (UK) review an article about Inquiry Maths as part of the Critique and Inquiry section of their course.
Inquiry in Mathematics Education A booklet published by the Fibonacci Project (2010-2013) - an EU-funded project to disseminate inquiry-based mathematics education within the European Union.
Getting Started with Student Inquiry (2011) A good summary of the roles of student and educator in the inquiry classroom.